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Let’s Talk Grief Recovery with The Caring Hearts Support Network (Ep. 62)

Although inevitable, death is a scary topic that is sensitive to most of us. But when that dreaded time is around the corner for a loved one, wouldn’t you like to be fully supported with all the resources you may need to deal with the next steps? 

In this episode, Kris Dureau is joined by The Caring Hearts Support Network, to detail their role in supporting those navigating end-of-life and bereavement. They offer support to the caregivers, the individuals, and the families at the end-of-life and throughout their grief journey. It is comforting to know that there are resources out there to help us or family members when the end may be close and we don’t have to face it alone.

The Caring Hearts Support Network Team shares:

  • Their experience in supporting people through their grief
  • The individual support they are able to provide for people based on their circumstances and how it has affected their life 
  • Some outreach programs that can aid in your grieving process, no matter what stage you are at
  • How this network has connected individuals from all walks of life
  • And more


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