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The Ride 2.0: A Financial Journey with Green Private Wealth (Ep. 70)

The Ride 2.0: A Financial Journey with Green Private Wealth (Ep. 70)

Welcome to The Ride, a Work and Wealth podcast with your host, Kris Dureau. In this exciting episode, Kris introduces some major changes to the show, bringing on three new voices—David Harris, Brad Winlaw, and Mike Pakreslis—creating a dynamic team at Green Private Wealth. Together, they share diverse insights and perspectives on financial planning, making the podcast more engaging and informative.

Key Points:

  • Kris Dureau, a financial strategist and former firefighter/paramedic, sets the stage for the revamped podcast, now featuring a team of experts.
  • Meet the new team members: David Harris, a certified financial planner with 23 years of experience; Brad Winlaw, a certified financial planner with a focus on retirees and young professionals; and Mike Pakreslis, a financial expert with a passion for community involvement.
  • Learn about Kris’s unique background and approach to financial planning, shaped by his experience in emergency services.
  • Explore the 30th-anniversary celebration of Green Private Wealth, a firm committed to providing comprehensive financial services across Canada.
  • Get insights into the firm’s investment strategy, including a tactical approach and access to private investments for more stable returns.

In this episode, the diverse team brings a range of expertise to address various financial planning needs. Whether you’re a retiree, business owner, or young professional, this podcast offers practical advice and strategies to secure your financial future.

Join the conversation by subscribing to the podcast and exploring previous episodes on the Green Private Wealth website. Share your thoughts, questions, or topics you’d like the team to cover.

Stay tuned for more exciting content and expert discussions on The Ride podcast.

Tune in and ride along on this new financial journey with The Ride My Life podcast!

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Estate Planning for Your Furry Friend (Ep. 69)

Estate Planning for Your Furry Friend (Ep. 69)

The bond between humans and their furry companions is like no other.

According to the Canadian Vet Medical Association, over 35% of Canadian households have a dog and 35% own a cat. How many of those families have included their pets in their estate plan?

In this episode, Kris Dureau focuses on the furry family members and how to ensure they have a home no matter what happens. Kris provides examples of the different types of coverage and how each fits within estate planning.

Kris discusses:

  • Why including pets in estate planning is so important
  • The 3 main ways pets can be covered in an estate plan
  • How to create an emergency plan for pets easily and quickly
  • And more


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