Navigating Your Financial Journey: A Guide to Your First Meeting with a Financial Advisor (Ep. 71)

Navigating Your Financial Journey: A Guide to Your First Meeting with a Financial Advisor (Ep. 71)

Welcome to the Ride: Life, Work and Wealth podcast with your host, Kris Dureau. In this episode, Kris, a seasoned financial strategist, draws from his past as a firefighter and paramedic to shed light on the importance of planning for both a secure tomorrow and a better today.

Join Kris and co-host Mike Pakreslis as they dive into the crucial topic of preparing for a first meeting with a financial advisor. As the new year brings more people seeking financial advice, Kris and Mike explore key considerations to make this initial encounter a success.

Key Points:

  • Clarity is Key: Discuss what’s important to you and articulate your motivations for seeking financial advice. Setting clear objectives for the meeting helps manage expectations.
  • Background Check: Before your meeting, do your due diligence. Check testimonials, Google reviews, and the advisor’s digital footprint to ensure alignment with your needs.
  • Designations Matter: Understand the significance of designations such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM). These designations reflect a higher standard of care and expertise.
  • Establish Criteria: Determine the qualities you seek in a financial advisor. Prepare a checklist of questions, covering topics like meeting frequency, fees, and included services.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Establishing a long-term relationship requires trust. Pay attention to your gut feeling about the advisor, envisioning a partnership that spans decades.
  • Meeting Expectations: Clearly communicate your preferences regarding meeting location, frequency, and any specific requirements you may have. Ensure they align with the advisor’s practices.

This episode equips listeners with insights and practical tips for approaching their first meeting with a financial advisor. From setting expectations to conducting background checks, Kris and Mike provide valuable guidance to ensure a productive partnership.

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Tune in to this episode for a comprehensive guide to making your first meeting with a financial advisor a stepping stone towards financial success. Remember, your financial journey starts here!


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