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Celebrating 50 Episodes: Take A Walk Down Memory Lane With Us (Ep. 51)

The Ride: Life, Work and Wealth has officially been running for 50 episodes. To celebrate, Kris Dureau is going through his top 6 most downloaded episodes, giving you an idea of what each one entails. 

This week, Kris details why each of these releases was such a hit, followed by important takeaways each one had to offer, giving you a crash course on his podcasting journey.

Kris gives an overview of:

  • What you should consider before making a big career decision
  • How to keep the cottage in the family and make sure you are saving on taxes  
  • Insight on when you should take your CPP payment
  • Why it is vital to write your life letters
  • And more!


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Protecting Your Portfolio from Inflation (Ep. 49)

When talking about protecting your assets from inflation, many of us automatically think about gold. 

While gold often manages to hold its value and to appreciate, it isn’t a perfect inflation hedge.

In this episode, Kris Dureau fills you in on ways you can protect your portfolio from inflation. Rather than gold, Kris shows you other assets that could end up performing better in today’s environment.

Kris discusses:

  • Which assets protect your portfolio during inflation
  • Ways inflation can impact retirees and pre-retirees 
  • The sources of income that tend to increase faster than inflation
  • The role of cryptocurrency when it comes to protecting your portfolio from inflation
  • And more!


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