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The 8 Popular Myths of Retirement (Ep. 61)

There is no doubt that planning for retirement can seem like a complex process, and even thinking about it can be stressful.

Nowadays media, politicians, financial services, businesses – everyone has been talking about retirement. With so much information, it is easy to get overwhelmed. In this episode, Kris Dureau debunks eight popular myths about retirement that might be stressful to pre-retirees as they plan for their retirement. 

Kris discusses:

  • Where and how retirement myths originate, as well as how they affect retirees
  • The importance of starting retirement planning at an early age.
  • The reasons why many people procrastinate about saving for retirement
  • Why retirement isn’t about having a specific amount, but about having an income that suits your lifestyle
  • Why you should continue to contribute to your CPP pension and old-age security
  • The difficulty retirees face in spending their money
  • And more!


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Big News: Merging With Green Private Wealth (Ep. 58)

Big positive changes are underway for our firm. Over the past 18 months behind the scenes, we have been working on a merger with Green Private Wealth – an award-winning firm. This merger allows us to offer our clients a more in-depth, wide array of services that can benefit them at any stage of their life. 

In this episode, Kris Dureau shares this exciting shift and how the new merger with Green Private Wealth is benefitting their business in a number of different ways. With the new expansion of their team, they are able to offer new opportunities and work with more advanced business models and strategies that will ultimately benefit you and your portfolio.

Kris discusses:

  • The benefits clients will receive just from being a larger firm 
  • Their focus on adapting to the rapidly changing wealth management landscape 
  • Their new pension-style portfolio management approach and how it can help clients avoid the volatility associated with traditional portfolios
  • The shared company values and practices that led to the smooth merger between Three Hats Financial and Green Private Wealth
  • And more


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The Route to Retirement During a Recession (Ep. 57)

Are you nearing retirement and wondering if right now is the time to step into it? During these uncertain times, having a thorough plan that incorporates market drops and recession is very crucial for your peace of mind. 

However, if you have not had one of these plans done before retirement, there are still other things you can do to prepare yourself during tough times in the market. In this episode, Kris Dureau offers some tips that may ease the sting of leaving the everyday workforce. 

Kris discusses:

  • The three choices for transitioning from a full-time job into retirement
  • Key tips on retiring during a recession
  • What to consider when deciding to work part-time during retirement 
  • When is a good time to take the leap into retirement
  • And more


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Investing While Owning a Small Business with Gary Armstrong, CPA, CGA (Ep. 54)

You want to invest your money and we want to help you do so, but you have a small business. So, what are your options now? Do you invest through your personal assets or your corporation? 

In this episode, Kris sits down with Gary Armstrong from Green Private Wealth to discuss what both of these routes can offer you. They talk about things to consider before making this decision such as taxes, returns on investments, and how much cash you should have as liquid assets within your company and in your personal portfolio. 

Gary and Kris discuss:

  • How to identify investment risks as a young entrepreneur 
  • What redundant assets entail and how you can use them for investments 
  • The tax implications of each investment route 
  • And more

Connect With Gary Armstrong

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About Gary Armstrong:

Gary Armstrong is a chartered professional accountant and certified general accountant (CPA, CGA) with a specialization in taxation through the In-Depth Tax Course offered by CPA Canada.  Before joining Green Private Wealth Counsel, Gary worked for almost ten years at a local accounting firm that focused on personal and corporate tax services for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Before that, Gary worked in 2 different large international accounting firms providing general accounting and US personal tax services.

15 Quick Tips to Secure Your Finances Now and in the Future (Ep. 47)

Financial planning is not just about securing your tomorrow. It’s also about living a better today.

In this rapid-fire style episode, Kris Dureau walks you through 15 quick-hit tips to help you get a better handle on your finances, both now and in the future. Investments, tax planning, wealth transfer, debt management —Kris covers it all!

Kris discusses:

  • Accounts you should regularly contribute money towards
  • Steps you can take to weather market volatility
  • How to keep your finances organized (for you, your family, and your advisor)
  • Often-overlooked financial planning areas 
  • And more!


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Start Getting Your Time Back with Family Offices Services with Paul Marion, CLU, CHS (Ep. 42)

Do you want to start saving time so you can focus more on the things that matter the most to you?

In this episode, the executive managing director of tax and wealth at Harbourfront Wealth Management, Paul Marion, joins Kris Dureau to unveil everything you need to know about family offices and how they differ from traditional wealth management firms. Paul explains how family offices offer clients the control and flexibility they need when having a team managing their finances and investments.  

Paul discusses:

  • The purpose of  family offices and the reasons they have increased over the past years
  • Reasons why a family office may be a right fit for you
  • How to get started with your family office
  • The practical side of family offices 
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Paul Marion is a demonstrated leader with over thirty years of senior management experience. Having dedicated the past two decades to championing growth and innovation within the Canadian financial industry, Paul has held several leadership roles and now serves as the executive managing director of tax & wealth planning at Harbourfront Wealth Management.

Third-party services and advice are received on a best effort basis, when every attempt is made to receive the best services and advice there is no guarantee that they will generate the best results in all circumstances. Clients are free to seek independent services and advice. Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc. will not be responsible for any damages that may occur from these third-party service providers. Clients may have to deal with separate regulatory bodies in case there is a dispute. There may or may not be a referral fee received, please ask your advisor for more information.


29. Top 10 Frequently Asked Financial Questions

If you have a personal finance question on your mind, chances are, you’re not alone.

In this episode, discover the 10 most frequently asked finance questions financial advisors like Kris Dureau receive from clients.

From questions about the financial markets to  queries about retirement, investing, and insurance, Kris breaks down these questions and shares his valuable insight and easy-to-follow answers for each.   

Kris discusses:

  • The difference between RRSP and TFSA accounts
  • Must-know considerations around investment fee deductions 
  • Why you shouldn’t name underage children as secondary beneficiaries
  • Why bond prices and interest rates tend to go in opposite directions
  • How to determine the right time to retire 
  • And more!


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Episode 23 – Spring Clean Your Finances With These 6 Steps

With spring upon us, now is the perfect time to do some financial closet-cleaning.

Are you ready to get started?

Join Kris Dureau in this episode as he guides you through your financial spring cleaning with six simple steps that will help you get your finances organized and ready for the coming seasons.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The benefits of a financial filing system 
  • Why you should always review your investments and rebalance your portfolio
  • Which insurance policies you should be checking on
  • How to verify your credit score 
  • And more!

Listen in and start sprucing up your financial picture today!  

Resources:  Resources: Cashflow Spreadsheet | Equifax | TransUnion

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